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KM Construction is North Dublins leading Kitchen, Bathroom, and bedroom remodeling/renovations company. With years of experience they are your one stop shop for all your building needs. When you are looking to give your favourite rooms a much needed face lift, make sure to give KM Construction a call to evaluate your needs.

Do I Need to Renovate my Home?

1. Family members are fighting for space in your home. Maybe your garage doubles as your office or you have to wait in line every morning to get into the bathroom

2. You love your kids, but there’s no place to get away from it all in the current set up of your house. You dream about a comfortable retreat — a place to call your own where you can rejuvenate and relax without leaving home …

3. Your kids are grown and out of the house and you dream of converting the extra space in your home into your personal office, exercise room, craft/hobby room or whatever your heart desires.

4. You have stopped inviting people over for dinner because you’re embarrassed by your out-dated kitchen. Not only is the decor ancient, the layout is so inefficient that cooking and cleaning up has become more of a chore than a pleasure.

5. You or your family’s mobility is of concern, yet you want to remain in your home and continue to live comfortably.

KM Construction produces beautiful work with care to address issues just like these for our customers. Will you be next? We hope so! Offering home improvement all over Dublin, we provide design/build services or we can work seamlessly with your design professional.

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